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Gelenkwellenfabrik Wilhelm Sass has been involved in the construction of cardan shafts for over 80 years and is now in its third generation.

Our cardan shafts and parts are designed for high load capacity, reliability and safety to meet the needs of our customers. We offer a wide product range of cardan shafts and parts for commercial vehicles, including trucks, agricultural machinery, vans and buses, tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

We pride ourselves on not only producing high quality cardan shafts and parts but also providing excellent customer service. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our cardan shafts and parts meet their requirements and support them through all stages of purchase and use.

As a special service, we offer data exports in all formats (TecCat etc.), as well as marking with EAN13 barcodes or QR codes. We also make it possible for you to identify the cardan shafts and parts you need on the basis of just a few pieces of information (reference number, chassis number or just a little technical data).

Cardan shaft types:

  • Cardan shafts, short cardan shafts
  • Intermediate shafts with elastic bearing
  • Drive shaft strands with 2 or 3 parts
  • Double cardan shafts for all-wheel drive vehicles

Areas of application of cardan shafts:

  • Commercial vehicles, all-wheel drive vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles, vans
  • Construction machinery, wheel loaders
  • Local and long-distance buses
  • Agricultural machinery

Cardan shaft components:

  • Joint cross fittings, fork flanges
  • Hub forks, quick release connections
  • Length compensation, fork shaft displacements
  • Middle and H-pieces for short versions
  • Welded yokes
  • Centre bearings, etc.

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